“It took us 2 flights and 23 hours to finally get to Munich, logo_doppelgaenger_positiv_s_claimbut we were not disappointed upon our arrival. The beautiful German landscape welcomed us on our train ride to our hostel.“

“The first few days were filled with explorations of the city of München and rewarding our taste buds with the fantastic German cuisine. Foods such as Bratwurst (or Currywurst in Berlin!), Schnitzel, Leberkäse, Bretzeln and Schokolade were some of the most common throughout our trip. Even ox tongue was on the menu for those brave enough to try it.”

“The days were also filled with our nervous attempts trying to speak German to the fast paced speaking natives, thankfully our language skills dramatically increased as the trip continued on and we gained in confidence. Most of us used any spare minute, such as on train rides, to learn vocabulary or to work on our travel diary.”

“It was strange catching yourself thinking in German, and waking yourself up from a dream and realizing it also was in German. It really showed what you were capable of, outside of the classroom.“