“Un très grand merci to Claudia and her team at Doppelgaenger Travel for making our French Tour an extremely memorable and positive experience for our students.

They were thoroughly organised, very easy to work with and extremely helpful with suggestions to improve our itinerary and maximise our language and cultural experience.   We were particularly delighted with the restaurant choices which were authentic and varied, and Claudia was always available to answer our many questions and help overcome any problems while travelling.  The tour guides organised by Doppelgaenger Travel were brilliant and perfectly able to engage the students even as a large group.  Our accommodation was excellent and well suited to students, both in terms of location and services.  Doppelgaenger Travel have a strong understanding of the nature and challenges of running a school tour.

Although this was the first time we had used the company, we felt like valued clients and old friends, and the experience was truly tailored to our students’ needs and the objectives of the Tour.”


“With the big Doppelganger Travel folder in our luggage and our mind at peace knowing that our tour has been organised and planned down to the detail,  we endeavoured on our Study Tour  for the first time at the end of last year and our students have had the most wonderful time in Germany and Austria! They enjoyed the magical time of Christmas Vorfreude and surely broke a record by visiting as many Christmas markets as possible.

We were lucky enough to go snow playing on the white top of Germany (Zugspitze)under a blue sky, climbed the tallest cathedral in Germany (Ulm), visited the New Green Vault in Dresden (yes! 185 faces carved into a cherry pip!) and listened in shock to every word the former Stasi prisoner was telling us about the dark history of East Germany. These (and many more) amazing moments will stay forever in our minds  and we are very grateful to how well-organised, reliable and personal the team of  DOPPELGANGER TRAVEL guided us along our journey. Danke!”

Katja & Katja, Victorian School of Languages

“As a teacher travelling overseas a lot with student groups, I am using Doppelgaenger Travel’s services. I am a very happy customer and would gladly recommend them to any prospective clients. It has been such a great help as they know the difficulties that teachers face on these trips and give valuable hints.

Their service has always been very professional and personal as they managed to meet our special needs and answered our many questions tirelessly and patiently. They know the places they are recommending, the customs and language.”

Maria Hohlweg

“Organising our German language trip with doppelgaenger was very easy indeed – as the tour company was very efficient and reliable. All activities, museum visits etc. were planned fantastically.

The highlights for the boys were the visit of the BMW plant where they make the cars and a guided tour of the Allianz arena in Munich. Everything went according to plan – with much attention to detail. A great experience for all of us.”

Inga Stanzel, Trinity Grammar School


“A fantastic opportunity to improve grammar and vocabulary, but especially confidence. Also an opportunity to make long lasting friendships! It was a trip of a lifetime for me! I had so much fun and learnt so many new things. I would definitely recommend the trip for future German students.”

“The tour couldn’t have possibly got any better as we were surrounded with yummy food, stunning sights, good friends, great teachers, welcoming families and a fantastic country in which we got to spend some fo the best weeks in our lives.”

“I loved practising newly learned words and phrases with students at our sister school and asking people on the streets for the best bakery and how to buy a sim card for my phone.”

“This German tour absolutely improves your German!”