Doppelgaenger is an extremely experienced Australian travel logo_doppelgaenger_positiv_s_claimcompany organising tailored study tours overseas, specialising in customised tours for schools, universities and professional and private groups.

We intimately understand the challenges organisers face arranging and attending study tours. Which is why it is most important to work with an experienced travel organiser you can trust – like doppelgaenger.

roterhaken   Group travel to France, Italy, Germany, Japan and Spain is our forte

roterhaken   Tailor-made itineraries to support your goals and your curriculum: cultural and historical learning, language lessons, quizzes, treasure hunts, homestays, school visits, cooking etc.

roterhaken    All our tour guides are extremely knowledgeable, fluent in the local language and English, and often experienced language teachers

roterhaken    Local support 24/7, complete peace of mind

roterhaken    Your trip pack includes all tools and materials, e.g. very detailed itineraries for each hour of the day, phone SIM cards, maps etc.

roterhaken    Authentic local food

roterhaken    Presentation of the itinerary in an information session

roterhaken    Cultural awareness classes as preparation for the tour

roterhaken    Comprehensive risk assessments are included